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apiculture  n. beekeeping

apiarist n. one who keeps bees

apiary n.  a place where bees are kept

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Membership is open to anyone keeping bees or having an interest in the craft of beekeeping.

Why Join?

Beekeeping today is a fascinating and rewarding activity but at times can be challenging. Caring for bees, like caring for any livestock, can be affected by adverse weather, pests, disease and bad luck. Successful beekeeping requires some degree of dedication to acquire knowledge and understanding of bees and their needs. Also, in this global world with changing climate, it is necessary to keep up-to-date with developments. Membership of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) is one of the best ways to access knowledge and keep abreast of the beekeeping news. Membership through joining a local branch has the added advantage of shared experience and personal support through the rough times as well as the good.

There are four levels of membership open to individual beekeepers in two main categories, one for those with bees and one for those without.  Registered, Partner and Junior members are registered as beekeepers with BBKA and are covered by Bee Disease Insurance (BDI). Local membership is for those without bees. There are additional classes for Corporate, Schools or Honorary membership.  Click the download guidance  notes icon for full details.

Membership Benefits

Depending on your level of membership you will receive:

Are You Interested In Keeping Bees?

Both the Devon & British Beekeepers websites have useful 'Getting Started' pages.

Need Help Getting Started?

Okehampton Beekeepers offer to help new members


Subscription Fees 2024

Registered (Full) Member . £31.00(Inc. BDI up to 3 colonies)

Partner Member    ............ £18.00  (Inc. BDI up to 3 colonies)

Junior Member  ....….…….. £12.50 (Inc. BDI up to 3 colonies)

Local Member  …….......….. £6.00

Hon Member ......….…….... £0.00

For more information on membership categories see the attached subscription form guidance notes below.


You can pay by bank transfer, to our DBKA Okehampton Branch Account, Sort Code 53-50-28,  A/C no 09202242  or you can send your completed subscription forms with cheque, payable to DBKA Okehampton Branch, to our treasurer:

Philippa Wilkins,

Ridgeway, Ingleigh Creen,

Winkleigh, EX19 8AT

N.B. Additional colony BDI supplements are due for more than 3 colonies - see subscription form download below for details.

Click for existing members’ 2024 Membership Form

Click here  to download the guidance notes.

The ER2 BBKA Database System has now been updated to allow a member to access their membership number from a protected area. To retrieve your number go to link below:-


Click for new members’ 2024 Membership Form