apiculture  n. beekeeping

apiarist n. one who keeps bees

apiary n.  a place where bees are kept

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Branch Library

Members of Okehampton Branch can borrow books from our library.

Message Board

Members can advertise items for sale, request help or publicise bee related events here. To leave a message please email me

Members -

Help make this website useful by contributing.

Have you found a useful website for our LINKS page?

Is there something this site should cover?

Which book do you find helpful?

Have you just discovered a great tip to share?

Do you have a photo that is of interest to beekeepers?

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Thinking of Extracting Honey?

Members are reminded that the branch has extractors, filters and a refractometer available for loan.

For more information contact Will Pyne, email: will.pyne@btinternet.com

Branch News

Subscription Renewals

Your 2021 membership and BDI Insurance subscription renewal is due to the branch treasurer by 1st January 2021. The subscription form and detail of fees is available to download on the MEMBERSHIP page.

The Branch Committee

The Branch Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is held in November each year.

Committee meetings are held approximately every three months and a summary of the meeting is published in the branch newsletter. The branch is also represented by committee members at meetings of the DBKA. While the committee is responsible for organising and co-ordinating the business of the branch, for us to be an active and healthy group, it is essential that members contribute time, energy and ideas whenever they can.

Any ideas, comments or feedback you want to make to the committee can be sent via this website.

The Current Branch Committee:

Jim Sampson - President

Sue Baxter- Chairman

David Wolley - Vice Chairman

Margaret Harris - Secretary

Simon Grose - Treasurer and Membership


Malcolm Craig - Show Secretary

Ray King - Microscopist

Sue Baxter - Librarian

vacant - Website Editor

Malcolm Craig - Swarm Liason Officer

Will Pyne - Minutes Secretary & Press Officer

President's Cup

Branch president, Jim Sampson, very generously donated a trophy to the branch in 2011 which is called 'The Presidents Cup'. This is to be awarded each year at the AGM to the member who has made an outstanding contribution to the branch.  Jim presented the cup to the following:-

                2011 - Janet Grist

2012 - Ray King.  

2013  - Margaret Harris.  

2014 - Malcolm Craig - Show Secretary.

2015 - Will Pyne

2016 - Suzanne Maxwell

2017 - Marian Minton

2018 - Ray King

2019 - Simon O’Sullivan

2021 - Malcolm and Nicky Craig